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This was Our Best Year Ever!!

What the heck makes it a 'best ever year? Well, it isn't the actual number of donations, but that is important as it allows us to help more families and individuals who need a boost to enjoy a better Christmas/Holiday season.

It was all the care and thought that went into the donations so the Food Banks would receive what their customers need during this season.

It was the number of families with young children who came in with the children to donate, and it was the companies and organizations who weren't official Drop Off Centres who quietly collected donations from their customers and staff and brought them in without fanfare.

It was the various companies we bought tickets from for 'experiences' this year. Many donated more and reduced the price of the tickets so more could be purchased.


We have had some steady success over the 12 years, but this was special.


We will more officially thank the various people involved but we really wanted to thank everyone involved for our 'best year ever.


Sincerely, The Elves

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All donations collected are distributed by the Food Banks & Nonprofit Organizations in the Cowichan Valley to those in need at Christmas.