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Thank you for taking the time to donate

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Christmas in June Collections

For the first time, Toys Toiletries & Toques on Facebook and @tttcowichanhelp on Instagram are collecting NEW donations strictly for the month of June - from June 3rd to June 30th.


We have become aware of a real requirement for Baby Essentials, Toilet Paper and Sanitary Products and that's all that we are hoping to collect for this one month.


Our usual New, Non-food collection from October 15th to November 29th will certainly go ahead for our 13th year, but we were asked to help, and the Elves thought we should.

‘It’s easy to donate $ online, and we will buy

Baby Essentials, Toilet Paper, and Sanitary Items for you.’




All Donations are distributed through Cowichan Valley Food Banks and non-profit organizations!

New Non-Food Items We Collect at Christmas in November
Playing in Nursery



Baby Toys

Toys Ages 1 - 6

Toys Ages 6 - 12

Games for Teenagers

Games for Families


Gift Cards

Educational Toys

Red Toothbrush



Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste


Hair Brush / Hair Accessories


Razor / Beauty Kits


Soaps / Bubble Bath


Body Care Items


Diapers / Baby Items



Nail Polish

Boy in hat



Hats / Scarves


Mitts / Gloves


Boots / Socks


Jackets / Vests


Slippers / Pajamas


Warm Clothing




Bedding / Blankets

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